Meet the groomer

Houston, TX's leading pet groomer

My name is Vivian Cuddihee and I am the pet groomer and owner at Pup 'N Tub Grooming Service in Houston, TX.  My goal for Pup 'N Tub Grooming Service is to offer a personal and convenient bath and grooming service for your pet. I take your pets' care very seriously and want them to be safe and as stress-free as possible. I look forward to providing you with customer satisfaction and meeting the needs of each individual client.

About me

I am a hard working pet groomer in Houston, TX that is passionate about my job. My experience includes graduating from South Carolina Dog Grooming School, as well as being a member of National Dog Grooming Association of America, National Mobile Dog Grooming Association, Groom Expo of Carolina and National Cat Association of America.
Pet groomer in Tryon, NC

Friends of the community

Over the years, Pup 'N Tub Grooming Service has established a reputation in Houston TX for providing an outstanding service to individuals and families alike. Our service has become a trusting and familiar name throughout the neighborhood. Our facilities are full service, providing a calming environment for your furry friend, meaning all you have to do is just show up!
Pet groomer in Tryon, NC

Convenient and affordable

At Pup 'N Tub Grooming Service in Houston, TX, I am not just a pet groomer. I am a pet lover just like you. I am dedicated to making pet grooming for cats and dogs convenient and affordable. I also put great care in making my grooming studio calming and welcoming for your pets in effort to reduce unnecessary extra stress for a procedure that's already somewhat troublesome. 
Pet groomer in Tryon, NC
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