Pet grooming services in Tryon, NC  and Natchitoches  LA for the treatment your pet deserves
(Natchitoches Location will be opened January 2017)
Now Also Serving Hendersonville NC

Are you in need of pet grooming services in the Tryon, NC and Natchitoches, LA area? Pup 'N Tub Mobile Grooming Service will come to you! When it comes to a clean pet, there's no place like home!  We offer a variety of pet grooming services such as brushing and detangling, luxurious warm baths, towel drying, warm air fluffing, nails and anal expression.

Pup 'N Tub Mobile Grooming Service provides an air conditioned and heated environment. Our grooming van is quiet in operation and all inclusive. We use Clipper Vac Clean Air Grooming on your pet, which gives your animal the treatment you know it deserves. Call Pup 'N Tub Mobile Grooming Service in your area today.  Whatever it is that your furry friend needs, you can count on Pup 'N Tub Mobile Grooming Service to come to you. We have years of experience working with dogs and cats. We'll get your pet looking fantastic.
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What we offer

At Pup 'N Tub Mobile Grooming Service, we know animals! You can trust that your pets are safe with us, and we'll make sure that they get the treatment they deserve. Your pets are never caged or left alone. We do not tranquilize your dog so there is less stress on your pet. We provide one-on-one personal attention and give special handling and care for older pups. In addition, we will keep buddies together if they need a paw to hold.

Our pet grooming services include:
  • Madra Mor'(Canine Spa Treatment)*
  • Brush and Detangling
  • Luxurious Warm Water Bath
  • Towel Dry and Warm Air Fluff
  • Flea Shampoo and or Treatment if Needed
  • Nails Clips(*additional dogs per household)
  • AC/Heated Environment Provided
  • Heated Water
  • De-shedding Program
For professional pet grooming services in Tryon, NC and Natchitoches Parish, LA Pup 'N Tub Mobile Grooming Service is just the place. Contact us for more information.

*$10 to $15 extra for treatment

Cat or dog people?

At Pup 'N Tub Mobile Grooming Service, we are both! We believe that all animals should be treated with respect and dignity, and should get the treatment that they deserve. We'll make sure that your pet is well taken care of and feeling good. Call us today in Tryon for an appointment!
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